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Wunderman - UK


Wunderman UK launches Elements of Experience

Elements of Experience is the new client platform to compare the world’s best customer experiences...

•What can an automotive company learn from a shoe shop about customer experience?

•How should a gym sell subscriptions compared to a music streaming service?

•How can you create an unboxing experience that excites as well as educates?

•How do the most innovative retail floorplans drive sales?

Wunderman UK has launched Elements of Experience – a new platform that harnesses data and insights to explore and benchmark the world’s best customer experiences across every sector.

Elements of Experience is a searchable database of customer experiences, giving marketers access to a comprehensive cross-section of the world’s best experiences. Users will have access to Wunderman’s deep analysis into the different touchpoints along each customer journey, allowing them to compare experiences in and out of category as well as benchmark against those that are best-in-class. 

The new platform was developed by Wunderman UK’s Customer Experience (CX) team using data collected over the past three years from across Wunderman’s global network. Wunderman aims to turn the platform into the industry’s biggest, most forensic CX knowledge base, inspiring brands and helping build stronger consumer relationships.

Elements of Experience follows the agency’s Wantedness report, which sets out best practice for creating exceptional, joined-up experiences for customers in every sector. The report, which was released in partnership with Penn Schoen Berland in January, found that brands are now compared with the best in the world, not just best in category – and they need to build brilliant experiences at each touchpoint. 

Already contained within the Elements of Experience platform are hundreds of experiences from Wunderman’s own global network, organised into 200 comparable categories. These cover everything from online, in-store display and floorplans or demos, through to how the product feels when a customer opens a new purchase. 

Marketers can use the platform to answer questions as specific as: how does a leading luxury hotel welcome customers – and how can this be applied to the automotive industry? Or, how does a chain of gyms encourage membership sign-ups compared to a music streaming service?

The Harvard Business Review reported, customers who encounter positive customer care experiences are nearly three times more likely to recommend a brand. Therefore, brands are aware of the importance of consumer experiences but are unsure where to begin and what brilliant looks like.

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