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Wunderman - UK


Wunderman UK launch digital content campaign for Sensodyne

Sensodyne, GSK’s number one dentist recommended brand for sensitive teeth, has launched its digital content campaign in the UK, as part of its ‘Ready for Everyday’ initiative.

Created by the team here at Wunderman UK, the campaign represents a step-change for the brand, moving away from their traditional TV focused, dentist-led advertising. Part of the activity will showcase a ‘week in the life’ of influencer Madeleine Shaw, a renowned food blogger, nutritional health coach and author, and forms a key part of the campaign’s objective to drive frequency of use across its consumer base.

The new campaign centres around the insight that the Sensodyne core target audience has a huge interest in wellness and health, but they generally believe sensitivity is a one off. It’s a condition that requires daily care, and will return if left unmanaged. The partnership with Madeleine Shaw will aim to remind consumers that Sensodyne products can be used every day, instead of just occasionally.

The ‘week in the life’ of Madeleine will show how she integrates Sensodyne into her daily routine of nutrition and exercise, with posts on her own Instagram and Facebook channels, as well as a blog post.

The content will also be distributed across owned and paid channels, incorporating Facebook canvas ads, social media and messaging from other influencers.

Laura Street, Northern Europe Marketing Manager of Sensodyne and Pronamel, said: “We’re thrilled to launch ‘Ready for Everyday’ with Wunderman UK. This is a huge opportunity for Sensodyne to position itself as an everyday product in the digital space, helping to drive frequency of use. The Wunderman team guided us through the digital, social and influencer landscape seamlessly, and helped demonstrate how data insights can change the way a brand presents itself dramatically.”

Chris Daplyn, Managing Director of Wunderman UK, added: “We entered 2017 with huge plans for GSK, and the Sensodyne ‘Ready for Everyday’ campaign is a great example of the innovative work we’ll be doing throughout the year. The influencer based campaign is a step-change for the brand, but represents its big ambitions for the dental care market. We plan on making these ambitions a reality, with ‘Ready for Everyday’ leading the charge.”

The campaign will run at intervals throughout 2017, including a partnership with Women’s Health, which launches in May.


See more on the campaign in The Drum here.



Caspian Rabone - Creative Director

Charlotte Khushi – Art Director

Lucy Eldridge – Copy Writer

Elliot Farmer – Designer

Rosie Roche – Videographer

Sophie Williams – Creative Producer

Matt Redman – Head of Content

Alisa Maul – Senior Content Strategist

Ollie Wolfe – Content Strategist

Steve Dunn – UX Consultant

Jo Boyden – Managing Partner

Nicola Morgan – Senior Account Director

Loren Hargreaves – Senior Account Manager