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Wunderman - UK


Wunderman UK Employees Bag Pencils at the D&AD New Blood Awards

D&AD New blood is about inspiring the next generation, and winning a New Blood pencil is a huge turning point in a young creative’s career. Not only are they recognised for being the best at what they do, but they get access to a wealth of contacts and advice from professional award Pencil winners and industry experts alike.

It’s hugely competitive, and we couldn’t be prouder of our very own Wunderman UK employees Hannah Steele, Sean McHarg and Rebecca Petts Davies for all winning pencils at this year’s competition!

Both sets of teams tackled the John Lewis brief, with Hannah and Sean creating the intelligence engine ‘Luna’.  

Luna uses John Lewis' expertise to provide an inspirational shopping experience helping you escape the 'noise'. It keeps up with your ever-changing preferences, providing you with relevant products, trends and content. Over time, it understands the intent behind your searches, and calls on your friends, family, and expert opinions from within John Lewis, helping you with your buying decisions.

Powered by IBM Watson, Luna senses personality, tone, and emotion meaning it not only engages in dialogue, but makes judgements before sending you recommendations. Luna truly embodies the John Lewis value; treating every customer as an individual. Find out more about Luna here.  

Rebecca Petts Davies created the integrated campaign ‘Nest’ with JWT’s Maya Halilovic. Nest was created in collaboration with the mental health charity Mind, with the purpose of demonstrating how your home environment directly affects your mental health and wellbeing. Anxiety and depression have been named the defining health crisis of the millennial generation. 1 in 5 of 20-35 year olds currently suffer with anxiety and / or depression in the UK - an issue that still isn't being publicly addressed. Through Nest, John Lewis is able to add real value to the lives of time-short urbanites by addressing a real problem and offering a real solution. Find out more about Nest here.

Congratulations to both teams!