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Is Black Friday the perfect example of a revolutionized future of eCommerce?

Black Friday was originally an American tradition dropping the day after Thanksgiving. The success of these huge sales, meant the yearly ritual expanded globally, and has brought about the unfortunately common scenes of hordes of people fighting to get the best deals in store.

Black Friday 2018 is upon us and we’ve been wondering whether those scenes will still be as prevalent, as in previous years.

2018 may bring about a shift, as brands focus more on eCommerce, allowing customers to shop comfortably from their sofa, avoiding the chaos. But brands and retailers mustn’t rest on their laurels, service levels are becoming even more important for online shoppers. In fact, consumers are prioritising service – ease, speed and convenience – over brands for a better customer experience.  

This year, brands have started to tease their customers earlier in order to beat their rivals. Black Friday, which started out as a bonus day of sales, has extended to a weekend or longer. This year Amazon is prolonging the pleasure over 10 days, giving customers even more time to pick up incredible savings.  

Retailers have created this new sales peak based on their understanding of their customers’ habits. They know when the right time to sell is, offering deals that they want at a time they want it. Black Friday has become a new sales peak based on data analysis, customer centricity and ambition.

Evaluating your customer data is critical to a brand’s success, and it’s impossible to ignore it when thinking about the future of eCommerce. Companies ought to take advantage of their data and use it to better their service, and in turn optimise their business.

Find out more about the revolutionised future of eCommerce in Salmon’s (part of Wunderman Commerce) report.