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Nokia | Most Retweeted Tweet

Nokia phones have been in a range of vibrant colours for some time. So when Apple abandoned their well-known colourless product line and launched their iPhone 5C in a range of vibrant colours, we thanked them. Our simple tweet at the exact moment of their announcement hijacked #Apple worldwide and dominated the online conversation.

In just 3 days, there were 40,467 retweets, stories on hundreds of blogs worldwide, and over 64 million impressions worth US$148.5 million in free media. Twitter confirmed it as the most retweeted brand tweet in the world. Ever. Nokia’s fanbase increased by 18% overnight.

Drum Magazine named it ‘Tweet of the Year’. It won a Shorty Award for Best Social and was shortlisted in five categories. And it was recognised with a prestigious ‘in-book’ for D&AD.