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Nokia | Red Bull Freerunners

The Nokia Lumia 920 boasts unbeatable HD video recording and built-in image stabilisation. To prove this to a young active audience, we strapped Lumia 920s to the chest of Red Bull’s freerunning World Champion Ryan Doyle and parkour professional Will Sutton, then sent them on a race over London’s rooftops in an extreme sports demonstration.

The entire race was captured on twelve Lumia 920s, each filming different perspectives, including aerial footage shot on a Lumia 920 attached to a radio-controlled Octocopter.

The film has had over 370,000 views with 96% approval rating (likes). Over 76% of the views came via Facebook referrals thereby driving shares across social media. The action-packed video also became a topic of conversation on Twitter, reaching over 660,000 people.