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CHECT | Now Cures Cancer

World Retinoblastoma Awareness Week is a particularly important time of year for the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust. It’s their one big chance to raise money, and gain awareness of both their cause and their charity. So they challenged us with coming up with a campaign that would make the most of this opportunity.

Carrying on from the last campaign, our thinking needed to align with CHECT’s unique selling position – that smartphones can detect childhood eye cancer through the flash of the phone’s camera.

But this time, the focus was on donations too. Interestingly, the donation function also takes place via your mobile phone – a simple text message can donate £3 towards ending Retinoblastoma (Rb) for good.

Armed with both insights, we came up with a bold campaign that celebrated the untapped power of smartphones, in a way that parodied popular manufacturers – who seem to launch whizz bang new features every other day.

And the message? During Rb week, stop using your phone for trivial things and put it to better use to detect and defeat Retinoblastoma.

In the space of one week, our YouTube video generated 2,500 views and was picked up in both trade and mainstream press including The Mirror, The Daily Mail, iTV, The Scotsman and the Derby Telegraph among others. We even secured spots on radio programs, the BBC Midlands Today and STV Glasgow highlighting CHECT’s brave case studies, retinoblastoma victims and their families. In total we raised £530 in donations and the campaign and our case studies were circulated to over 4 million people.