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The Wunderman social team head to Bristol for Nokia UK

Music is a key part of the modern Nokia brand and with free streaming music service Nokia Music installed on every new Nokia Lumia device on the market today, Nokia are always looking at new ways to celebrate this great service and engage with their fans.

Over the next few months, Nokia UK, in conjunction with famous French videographers La Blogotheque, are heading around the UK to showcase 10 amazing acts in 5 distinctive venues. Offering the residents of different UK cities the chance to discover new music by creating unique, once in a lifetime, experiences.

The Wunderman social team, who run the Nokia UK social channels, were set the task of promoting the sessions to the Nokia UK audience, with the aim to engage local fans without alienating the majority of the community who would not be able to experience the event.

With the first Lumia Live Session confirmed in Bristol with Ghostpoet and Bristol band, Towers, our team headed to Bristol to engage with the local community and report on the session for our wider fanbase.

Here are a few things we did:

Blogger outreach – Connecting with local music and lifestyle bloggers; offering them tickets to the gig and a trial of the Nokia Lumia 920.

Community Outreach – We took this opportunity to endear Nokia to the local Bristol Community by basing our stay in a local café and offered fans/followers the opportunity to meet the team and win tickets to the Lumia Live Session

Twitter Q&A – We offered the community the chance to connect with the artist at the event asking him questions about his music.

Live Twitter coverage of the event – The team focused on engagement with attendees and sharing their content.

After the event, the team focused on sharing the attendees’ experience by sharing their photos with the wider community

The first event was a great success and generated a reach of just under 14 million and 25,477,432 impressions from all of the activities. As a result of the Lumia Live Session, Bristol now has the fourth largest fan base on Facebook across the larger UK cities. A 15.9% fan growth was recorded.

Check out our Storify thread about the event here:

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You can follow Nokia UK on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Steve Whiting

Community Manager – Nokia UK