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That Scarlett meme in a flash

A picture of Scarlett Johansson falling down turned into an internet sensation. The photograph was taken on October 23rd 2012 while filming in Glasgow, and in September 2013 a new meme was born.

It seemed like the internet was full of Scarlett Johansson falling down pics. In fact, by Monday 7th October there had been 4,469 posts on Twitter including 1,717 retweets, and 31,102,112 social impressions.

But as quickly as a meme is born, it fades away and with Twitter mentions peaking on 3rd October and blog mentions posting on 4th October, Scarlett’s tumble is now a thing of internet days gone by.

So farewell Scarlett’s tumble. We’ll miss you, a little bit, at least until the next rib tickling meme comes along… oh wait, Overly Attached Taylor Swift you say!…