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Strategist Stacey Neumann talks marketing & tech in the health sector post Cannes Health Lions

Among the many interesting speakers at the Cannes Health Lions, a recurring theme emerged around human-centric communication.

Marc Landsberg at Social Deviant summed it up best when he pointed out that health connects us, empowers us to peruse our potential.  Our health matters fundamentally, but as marketers when we talk about it, it’s not in a very human way.

The health sector is tightly regulated, particularly in the areas of content and social. With so many barriers – legal and compliance approvals, adverse events and regulations, as well as a lack of internal alignment – it’s sometimes a temptation to assume that they are insurmountable.

As marketers it’s easy to get lost in the legalities of what can and can’t be said, but in order to really nurture and cherish brand love, we need to stop censoring and let our consumers’ voices be heard, allow them to speak and listen to what they need; and to start using the language that resonates with them.

Technology has passed the baton of power to the consumer and they have consequently become a lot more selective in what brands they engage with. Because of this we need to create value, engage and be invited in, and we can do this if we start with purpose driven marketing.

Emma Warmsley from GSK summed it up perfectly when she said we need to be loud and proud about our purpose; we have to modernize science; listen to consumers; take risks; speed up; and build trust.

Warmsley finished with a challenge for agencies – stating that it is up to us to challenge our clients, not allowing them to accept mediocrity, but work together to really change the way our sector speaks to their consumer.

It’s not an easy road, but technology and content are carving a new path for the health sector – lets make it accessible, and in the process make a difference to millions of peoples lives.