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Wunderman strategist’s reaction to Twitter #Music

The launch of Twitter Music reveals further  how the platform is repositioning itself as an entertainment hub that would help you to know what’s cool and what will be cool (using their global/local trends data). They’re also following the moves from other networks such as HypeM, or Facebook – who already started to incorporate music recommendation into newsfeeds. At the moment, it only looks like a nice addition to existing services such as Spotify or Rdio; but we can already think about what brands could leverage from it.

As music is at the heart of popular culture, it is the place where the most successful brands strive to be. Twitter Music could be helping them on this journey, either by discovering, supporting emerging artists or by transforming themselves into curators, which is an interesting way to create a bridge between your brand and pop culture. But we need to remember that we’re at the peak of the hype of this newly launched product. First, we need to see if people are going to be interested in using it in the long term.

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