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Retinoblastoma Awareness Week – #inthedark

Retinoblastoma week marks the beginning of our #inthedark campaign to bring retinoblastoma into the spotlight. For a long time, it’s been shrouded in darkness – too many children are left in the dark because some or all of their vision has been stolen, with parents and health professionals being left in the dark because not enough people know about this cancer.

We plan to shine a spotlight on childhood eye cancer and we really need you to get involved and help us make a difference for the children affected by this aggressive disease.

Here’s where you come in. There are tons of easy ways to get involved with CHECT and here are some ideas to get you started.

We want you to share the many ways you’re supporting #inthedark whether it’s at work, home or school so don’t forget to tweet @wundermanuk & @ChectUK to let us know how you’ve helped. You can also donate any amount of money by following this link. Anything is crucial in the fight to eliminate retinoblastoma.

Thank you!