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Potatoes Behind the Success of the Nokia Lumia 930

It turns out that one of the UK’s most beloved (root) vegetable is behind the success of the new Nokia Lumia 930. It can be mashed, roasted or fried, and it begins with P… any idea? That’s right, it’s the Potato. Let’s see how Wunderman was involved with the magic vegetable and Nokia’s marketing campaign.

The Nokia Lumia 930 is a must-have phone for the summer.  It not only has a wide range of features but also has a series of wireless gadgets available for the device. As part of the campaign, Nokia set up an exhibition that focused on the device’s wireless features. The exhibition took place last week at Westfield shopping centre in Shepherd’s Bush. One of the wireless gadgets available for the phone, the DC-50 Portable Wireless Charging Plate, was hooked up to an unusual power source to provide charge to shoppers’ Nokia Lumia phones.

Wunderman promoted the exhibition and the new phone through a competition on Nokia UK’s Twitter account. Wunderman got Nokia’s twitter followers to guess what type of object was powering the portable charging plate. Three options were tweeted: batteries, potatoes or balloons. Followers then retweeted the option which they thought was most likely to charge the new phone, and the correct answer was potatoes!

The exhibition consisted of a large wall covered with potatoes and apples connected by electrical wires feeding straight into the portable charging plate. The fruit and veg then charged shoppers’ Nokia Lumia phones if they were willing to put their device on the charging plate. Who knew that potatoes could be so powerful!?

The winner of the competition will be randomly selected on Monday 28th July from one of the Twitter users who retweeted the correct answer, and will receive a brand new Nokia Lumia 930 with the wireless bundle.

Nokia used over 800 potatoes, so don’t go scrambling to your nearest grocery store or supermarket to stock up, as you won’t leave any for my Sunday Lunch!