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Our New Year’s Resolution

The best joke about New Year’s resolutions appeared earlier this week on Twitter. It went something along the lines of: “All the gym bunnies moaning about the newbies. Get over yourselves. You didn’t see us moaning when you came to use our pubs in December.” But it wouldn’t be January without some optimistic (but sadly all too often aborted) attempt at self-improvement, through a healthier diet, exercise, abstinence or another effort at self-improvement or mindfulness.

Mark Zuckerberg has set the resolutions bar particularly high with an audacious personal challenge that he will build an artificial intelligence system similar to Tony Stark’s assistant, Jarvis, in Iron Man. Much like those reformed smokers or people attempting a Dry January, he promises to play out his progress on Facebook over the course of the year.

Here at Wunderman we have made our own New Year’s resolution. It was first iterated at the network’s first Wunderman Day last month where we joined together with our 7000 colleagues from 60 counties to celebrate our achievements and unveil our new positioning of ‘Creatively Driven, Data Inspired’. It articulates perfectly how we will be approaching our clients business in 2016 and unlike those amateur gym-goers we’ll be sticking to it.

The fruits of the commitment to our New Year’s resolution are already becoming apparent – no need to play this out on the pages of Facebook. So what are your resolutions and how will you measure your success?