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Nothing Lightweight about our ZEDS at Shell’s Heavy Weight Driving Challenge

Soon after graduating from university this year, Zed’s Alexandra Moore and Robert Stockton both landed spots as part of Wunderman’s competitive ZED Academy programme and have been knee deep in all things advertising ever since.

This past weekend, they were given the opportunity to work at an event on behalf of one of Wunderman’s biggest clients – Shell. The event was held in Dunsfold Park to celebrate the culmination of a global promotion where people were given the chance to enter a competition to win tickets to this exclusive event in London.

Attendees included a mix of Rimula customers from all over the world who Shell wanted to personally thank for their continued support. A whopping 150 employees from various companies turned up to see London’s sights, enjoy some great food and entertainment and most importantly, get down and dirty with Shell’s Heavy Weight Driving challenge.

Everyone had the chance to mount some serious machinery including articulated Lorries, diggers, fork lifts and dumper trucks and drive them around an assault course at Top Gears track – talk about a childhood dream fulfilled.

What did they do? Not only were Robert and Alex able to attend, but they assumed full responsibility of setting up and manning Wunderman’s iPad app created specifically for Shell and this event. The app itself was designed to replicate various driving challenges that guests might encounter on the track so when they found a free moment from driving and sight-seeing, they could grab an iPad and take a stab at smashing the previous top score.

Before Wunderman, one could find Alex tucked away in bed and Rob out on another bender but not now. Not this weekend. This weekend both recent grads devoted their Thursday, Friday and weekend to represent the agency they joined and client they represent and during those days, they could not have imagined being anywhere else. Not only did they learn a lot by interacting with clients, but they got to witness the fruits of their labor and the hours of hard work put in by their colleagues at Wunderman.