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Nokia Takes Bloggers for A Photography-Led Street Art Tour of East London

As part of the ongoing advocacy programme we manage on behalf of Nokia UK, our aim is to offer influencers to experience the Nokia Lumia devices in original ways. Putting the handsets into the hands of creative people in interesting circumstances not only creates amazing imagery but also allows people to experience the exceptional camera first hand.

So, at the end of last year, we took a dozen of lifestyle, photography and street art bloggers for a photography-led tour of East London’s highly visual street art scene to demonstrate the industry leading camera capabilities of the Lumia 1020 smartphone.

The tour was orchestrated by the very knowledgeable Dave from Shoreditch Street Art Tours. Each blogger was armed with a Lumia 1020 and photographer Chris Baker was commissioned to share tips with the bloggers on how to make the most of Nokia Camera app – the built in camera interface that allows you adjust capture settings like a SLR.

The tour included a surprise stop at Pure Evil’s gallery where bloggers were able to meet with the artist himself and finished at the iconic street art bar ‘Far Rock Away’ where the merry band warmed themselves with some beers and pizzas.

Following the tour, bloggers were invited to enter a Twitter photo competition taking Slinkachu-style pictures and tagging them with the hashtag #ZoomingEast. All the entries received were highly creative – check them out here – and it was a tough choice for the judges to designate a winner.

To thank the bloggers for their great contributions and celebrate their creativity, Nokia UK also sent them a personalised heat-sensitive mug with their competition entry pic, a stirring chocolate stick and printed marshmallows featuring pictures from the tour from Boomf.

The results created through this activity are impressive, with it generating more than 1.5 million social impressions and reaching 212.5K online users through 462 online mentions.

We want to thank everyone again for coming and making this day so wonderful!