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Narrative – My Year Ahead

It took nearly two years, plus an injection of support from Kickstarter backers to make the lifelogging camera Narrative clip a reality.

While the Swedish company behind the camera, Memoto AB, has been working on perfecting the technology for some time, lifelogging has of course been around much longer. In fact early pioneers started experimenting with wearable computing and streaming video thirty years ago. But it’s taken until now for it to move from the loony fringes and into something approaching the mainstream.

Narrative clip, which can be hung from the neck, automatically takes one picture every 30 seconds and I’m wearing it for one year. Let’s see what I capture without missing a moment of real experience. Let’s see what other people will say if they knew that I’m capturing every moment. What will I see with my own eyes instead of through a screen? Let’s make a movie of my year.

As a permanent record of some of the more unexpected and spontaneous moments in a year of my life I expect it to be fascinating. A genuine record of authentic moments, all captured without me having to leave the moment. Stay tuned for the year ahead.