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Marketing Magazine’s ‘The Fear Agenda’ featuring our Chief Strategy Officer Richard Dunn

In the age of social media, consumers’ self expression of fear is increasing despite there being no correlation to reality.

For example although fear of violent crime is rising with the help of most media outlets, the likelihood of consumers’ actually experiencing a crime themselves has dropped.

So – the question is, not why are people afraid of things they shouldn’t necessarily be afraid of, but rather how can marketers capitalize on this insight?

Marketing Magazine has attempted to address the above by looking at how brands and particularly political brands have taken advantage of this fear, coupled with the changing nature of fear in the social media age.

What with the upcoming 2015 general election quickly approaching, they have asked political commentator experts, PR professionals and our very own Chief Strategy Officer Richard Dunn to comment on the implications of fear tactics for brands and politicians who are turning to digital channels to drive a new fear agenda.

For the full story and to read more about what Richard had to say – check out his thoughts here.