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Let’s speak Emoji with Strategist Stacey Neumann

As the fastest growing language in history based on adoption and speed of evolution, it was only a matter of time before brands also sought out ways to adopt emojis in their communications.

Equally, with a recent study from Microsoft suggesting that our increasingly digitalized lifestyle has resulted in the average human attention span being shorter than that of a goldfish, it could be seen that it is an imperative for them to do so.

At this year’s Cannes International Festival of Creativity, the Grand Prix in Titanium went to a campaign for the pizza chain Dominos that allowed people to use emojis to instantly place orders by tweeting an emoji of a pizza.

And it’s not just the marketing world that is beginning to see their potential – a British company – Intelligent Environments – has developed an emoji alternative to the traditional four-digit pin codes that are traditionally used in online banking. While no banks have yet signed up to the scheme, the company claims that they have expressed interest and as a means of adopting what is seen as a fun and popular slang language it might have appeal to the generation that has adopted emojis with such gusto.

The importance of data insights is crucial here – they will unveil how a brand can speak to a demographic in a language that resonates. Equally, there is a brand exercise to own a pop culture symbol – such as the pizza emoji in Dominos’ instance – that is a permanent feature within a consumer’s repertoire.

However brands are faced with a limited emoji real estate – there are 1,393 emojis on the iOs keyboard meaning that brands will have to act fast. If they don’t, they may lose out to a competitor over a piece of a vital and growing piece of contextually relevant communication.