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It’s Okay to Cheat

The Sun’s Dream Team was launched today with our new campaign ‘It’s not cheating when it’s your Dream Team,’ which will run until 16th August 2014. The Sun’s biggest campaign of the year is for the 2014/15 Dream Team season, running across a mix of print and digital channels – including press activity in The Sun, digital advertising and an email campaign which targets previous Dream Team players.

The campaign is based on the insight that no matter how loyal football fans are to their club of choice, they will still consider picking a player from a rival club when putting together their fantasy team. The creative therefore shows football fans dealing with their guilt after ‘cheating’ on their team e.g. an Arsenal supporter clutching a Spurs scarf on the psychiatrist’s couch, and a support group consoling a crying Chelsea fan as he clutches a West Ham jersey.

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