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Facebook is treading a fine line with Timeline

In February Facebook announced the upgrade that brands had been eagerly awaiting: Timeline. As with all major Facebook launches, brands and marketing agencies had big expectations. Facebook promised that the Timeline would help “showcase brand’s unique stories and identities” and improve how consumers interact and engage with their favourite brands.

But does it really? As Facebook nears its IPO, it has announced that profits have slipped and it now faces the challenge that many before it have faced, managing the commercial demands of brands that provide Facebook’s income, whilst balancing the interests of consumers, that’s you and I, who ultimately attract the advisers spend.

So how much have these changes enabled the showcasing of the brand’s unique stories and identities come at the expense of the shared, consumer-to-consumer, stories that arise around the brand? Has the sense of a co-owned presence between a brand and their community given way to the commerical pressures of brand ownership?

Two months on there has been little discussion, let alone research exploring the impact of these changes on how people are actually engaging with brands post switchover.

So at Wunderman UK we’ve measured the real impact of this change by analysing the Facebook Fan Pages of 25 leading brands from a variety of sectors. We’ve measured Timeline’s impact by comparing engaement rates before and after Timeline was implemented for these pages.

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