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#CoinsofHope – A Campaign by These Days for Child Focus

25th May 1979: a young American boy named Ethan Patz disappeared. This was the start of the Missing Children Movement, marking legislation changes and support for affected families.

25 May 1983: The American Day of Missing Children.

25 May 1998: Worldwide International Day of Missing Children.

Child Focus

Child Focus is an organisation centred around prevention and support to missing and sexually exploited children. They wanted to bring a positive message of hope and solidarity to missing children and affected families, so they teamed up with These Days to create #CoinsofHope.

Together, they convinced the Ministry of Finance to depict one of the missing children, Liam, on the coin as a message to show that every missing child is important. It took them 2 years to get the go ahead from all European countries.

They have now produced 1 million euros to be distributed within 2 weeks.

Click here for a film on the campaign and here to find out more.