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Chief Strategy Officer Richard Dunn discusses Sunday Shopping

From ASDA CEO Andy Clarke’s belief that Sunday trading laws are indicative of “rip-off Britain,” to the recent news that Tesco’s market share is continuously plummeting while discount stores steal shoppers time and money, what grocery stores must do to meet consumer demands is the latest topic of conversation.

Our Chief Strategy Officer Richard Dunn has joined that conversation in an article published in this weeks edition of The Grocer.

Just opposite Ian Quinn’s Large stores face ‘huge’ increase in business rates, the feature summarizes a recent survey we conducted via TNS Global that found nearly 60% of adults think all stores should be allowed to open for the same hours on Sundays, and that 40% agree with Andy Clarke’s statement above.

Richard holds that the trading laws are ancient and haven’t kept pace with today’s on-demand society.

To read more about the Sunday trading laws and what’s ahead for large food stores, check out page 4 of The Grocer’s recent issue.