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CHECT – Influencers in using smartphones as a tool for good

It’s been rewarding to see our awards cabinet filling up so quickly. On top of the Grand Prix at the DADI Awards, our CHECT campaign continues to wow the juries having just picked up Silver at the Campaign BIG Awards last week. Having been shortlisted for a further 8 awards at the imminent DMAs we might need to invest in some more shelves.

Receiving praise from the industry is great but even more importantly, the impact that the campaign has had on helping to save the lives of children who were at risk from the cancer – and there have been plenty of examples of that. The beauty of the campaign was partly in its simplicity and its use of technology that is now every day. And it’s good to see that others have followed our lead and are also now using smartphones as a tool for good.

Both Samsung and Apple have launched apps for smartphones that are designed to help children who are afflicted with autism. Samsung has created an educational game that helps children with autism learn how to better make eye contact and recognise facial expressions, in order to help them communicate better and improve their quality of life. Apple has gone one further and has created software that uses the front-facing camera to measure the reactions of children with autism.

This data is then analysed with the hope that the data collected will lead to an earlier diagnosis of autism in children or – even better – insights that can help cure or lead to improved management of the syndrome.

As an extension of the CHECT campaign, these are welcome developments. As well as improving the lives of children such examples show that smartphones don’t alienate people like their critics claim – in fact they can do exactly the opposite.