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And the award for the best Bond goes to…

The debate on which actor was the best Bond has been going on ever since Sean Connery’s ill-starred decision to hand over his Walther PPK to George Lazenby. While Connery’s action did manage to create almost universal agreement that the latter was the worst Bond, few are expecting any signs of consensus on which was the best any time soon. So here at Wunderman we thought we’d settle this debate once and for all using what we know best: data.

Using a variety top notch data sources, we managed to pull together all the ingredients of what makes the perfect Bond – something that Barbara Broccoli might want to consider if Daniel Craig does walk away at the end of his contract after the next franchise release. It makes for some surprising reading.

Analysis from an internal staff poll found that Sean Connery was the most popular Bond actor with nearly four out of ten members of staff choosing him over his rivals, despite him last appearing in the role 32 years ago. Spending eight years as Bond, Connery equalled Roger Moore in appearing in seven films each although Moore filled the role for 13 years but came in at second place. This data hints that the density of films as Bond could prove crucial in keeping audiences interested.

So our research shows that it can’t be the immediacy, frequency or the volume of outings as Bond that makes the best Bond. Instead there must be other factors at play.

An analysis of Bond’s sexual conquests revealed that in a neat case of nominative determinism Roger Moore was the most successful – he managed to bed 18 women over the course of his seven films. However Connery managed a better hit rate with 16 conquests throughout his six outings as Bond, making him the most promiscuous (other than Lazenby who claimed an implausible three during his one Bond film, which can therefore be discounted). The correlation is clear.

And what of Bond’s other famous attribute – a dry Martini, shaken, not stirred? The two most popular Bonds – Connery, and Moore – actually barely touched the stuff in relative terms during the films. Connery managed to down just four during his tenure and Moore did even worse with just two.

So there we have it. Clear, data driven evidence that the best Bonds are those of a promiscuous nature and technically, drink the least – a lesson of sorts for everyone out there. Unless the heavy drinking Daniel Craig (managing to neck a staggering ten Martinis) cuts down on the booze and becomes a bit more rampant, then Connery’s current title looks pretty unassailable for now. And there we have it! Oh the beauty of data.