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2014 = better marketing. Who’s in?

As the year draws to a close let’s take a moment, in between the parties, to reflect and think about what resolutions marketers should be making for 2014. Here’s what the Strategy team at Wunderman think our industry should resolve to do in 2014…

Realise that if you want to market in real time you’ve got to make an investment.

Real time marketing is not something you can decide to do on a whim. Doing it effectively requires planning, a great team and the freedom to make decisions quickly so that you can be agile and responsive.

Go beyond a one content strategy fits all approach.

Appreciate that different channels and brands attract different audiences and need different, relevant content approaches.

Go on a buzzword diet.

Let’s cut down on the lingo, please people. Think: would your audience have any idea what the “multi-channel experiential journey” you’re talking about is? If you’re using jargon they won’t understand, chances are you’re not truly looking at things from their perspective.

Have a real conversation.

We love to talk too but it isn’t enough to chuck a hashtag into an advert and call it a conversation.  Instead, let’s look to create experiences that people will want to participate in and talk about.

Realise big data is not the answer to everything.

Remember, it’s not how big it is but what you do with it that matters. Analysts need to be involved throughout the process, not just as an afterthought, to get real and relevant insights.

Down with Facebook likes.

Please, let’s all use more relevant ways of measuring a campaign’s success and connection with audiences than follows, likes and retweets.

Stop seeing Social Media as some sort of dark art.

Social media is main stream. Everyone should start to realise this and make it an integrated part of the process rather than an afterthought.

…But that doesn’t mean just anyone can do it.

Building a Facebook page and tweeting a meme doesn’t make you social business.

Avoid gratuitous QR codes

We don’t need a debate on the merits of QR codes but we can say for certain that most of the time when they are used they are superfluous. It isn’t making your campaign look fresh when we have to risk our lives snapping a QR code on the other side of the train tracks. Also we probably could have remembered “” anyway.

Make sure sponsorships, brand partnerships and associations are meaningful.

It is no good dropping a few mil on having the latest fresh young face be snapped with your product or saving the rainforest (although we think that’s great) unless it’s relevant and feeds into what you want to say about your brand.

Get out more.

Not just to parties but to wherever your consumers are. There’s only so much you can learn from reading a piece of research. You might know that 27% of your audience travel by bus but what is that really telling you if you don’t know where they want to go?

And finally…people are people, not just consumers.

Can we all stop referring to our audiences as “consumers”? It’s so cold and distant. Our audiences are people, just like us, with varied interests, who have complex lives and thoughts that aren’t always just about what they want to buy next.