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2013 Trends: A Roundup

Around this time, every New Year, there is a plethora of trend reports for marketers to get their teeth stuck into. So inspired by eConsultancy’s 300+ predictions for 2013, along with a range of other trend articles from social to tech, we decided to set ourselves the task of distilling this mountain of information into a concise snapshot of the key, most talked about trends overall.

Big Data  (Seen in 14 articles)

The personal data battle expects to continue into 2013 with EU legislation around privacy still to be confirmed. Individuals are starting to realise that brands can turn their data into actionable insights and are demanding their share of its value. Labelled as VRM or in one of the articles data myning, consumers will increasingly be aware of how much they share. 2013 will also see the continuing rise of data scientists and new-wave social media command centers to tackle the data surplus and insight deficit marketers were facing in 2012 (fjord). The hope is that more data will lead to more insight – and ultimately, to better products. This is, of course, determined by the quality of analysis and evaluation.

Internet of Things (IoT) (Seen in 8 articles)
In 2013 ordinary objects more than ever will be embedded with cellular technology – NFC, Bluetooth, or networking connections.  Nike Fuelband and Fitbit, two recent IoT successes, use sensor technology to monitor sporting performance. The benefits are that sensors can collect data about workouts, so that users can analyse their performance. Zaslavsky and co state that if the IoT doesn’t already influence your life in a way you recognise it, it soon will.

Personal Ecosystem (Seen in 4 articles)
The battle between major ecosystems Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon is set to continue in 2013. Consumers are likely to feel pressured to choose and commit to one ecosystem, what Bruce Sterling calls ‘The Stacks’. Already we have witnessed Instagram take on Twitter, stopping them from displaying Instagram photos, gently forcing individuals to commit to Instagram for all their photo needs. More recently, Google have blocked Windows phone devices from accessing Google maps on their phone browsers. We expect more battles in what has become a prolonged tech war this year.

Mobile As A Life Enhancer (Seen in 17 articles)
Another war continues in 2013 – between the mobile OS systems. Winning customer share has never been more important. Our mobile phones are now said to be our mobile fingerprints, evolving to be wallets, keys, and even personal trainers. Many say that this fast developing mobile landscape will force brands to develop smarter mobile communication plans as the devices take up ever more of our digital lives. One example of this is SoLoMo. On Black Friday, Macy’s launched an iPhone app, which sent consumers push notifications of special promotions based on their location in-store.  Expect to see more of this geotargeted tailored content in 2013.

Revolution in Retail (Seen in 7 articles)
Access over ownership is arguably the biggest trend set to revolutionise retail in 2013. People’s attitudes are steering towards renting over owning, and giving rise to companies that have changed the traditional retail landscape – see Blinkbox, Netflix, Zipcar, and Rent The RunwayNew technology and applications such as ShopSavvy and Slice also continue to revolutionise retail, allowing consumers to optimise the process of buying everything – an overarching trend known as shoptimisation. JWT Intelligence introduces the concept of retail everywhere: with transactions being made at new places on new platforms. It’s therefore unsurprising that Cuker predicts that in 2013 we should expect some of the big retailers to focus on a mobile-commerce solution.

Content Rules (Seen in 9 articles)
Currently under 50% of brands have a content strategy. A surprising stat considering the ever increasing amount of time we spend on the web and sharing content. Quite simply, brands that are not producing content are missing out on a valuable opportunity to reach customers.

One of the most widely shared and high profile examples is Coke’s recent 2020 content strategy, highlighting this move towards content collaboration.

Crowdfunding Mania (Seen in 5 articles)
I’m sure we’ve all heard of Kickstarter, but it seems that platforms such as Crowdcube and iCrowd are allowing for small businesses whether it’s a new local bakery or the next Apple to ask for investment from the crowd and pitch to the masses. This notion of collaboration and crowdfunding is reaching new heights with the rise of partnership publishing sites such as NetMinds.  To see for yourself, click here to see Kickstarter’s review of its amazing 2012.

Written by Matt Butler(@MattButler07) and Florence Evans (@FloElizaEvans)


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